Annika Telléus

Annika Telléus has listened to customers and co-workers across the globe for sixteen years in her work at H&M. She has worked globally with management research and taken part in the founding of several department as well as worked in business development concerning new brands. in-house, she educated leaders in the fields of leadership, communication and presentation techniques both in Swedish and English. 

Today she is a very appreciated and coveted keynote speaker. She has been the expert of relationships in After five (Efter fem), one of the most viewed tv-shows in Sweden. 

Annika Telléus is of Swedens most popular keynote speakers

In both 2019 and 2020, she was voted one of Sweden’s 100 most popular lecturers by Eventeffect.

The Way to Greater Trust and Better Relationships 

 In a world turned upside down, listening has becomes more important than ever and THE ART OF LISTENING has received a lot of attention. The book has been featured in major newspapers in Sweden and several magazines have recommended it to their readers. The biggest magazine for managers, Chef, recommended THE ART OF LISTENING in its special edition on the subject of leading through a crisis.  THE ART OF LISTENING is one of the books the jury from Sweden’s Human Resources Organization recommended with regard to relevance and use just before the summer of 2020.