Annika Telléus

Annika Telléus has listened to customers and co-workers across the globe for sixteen years in her work at H&M. She has worked globally with management research and taken part in the founding of several department as well as worked in business development concerning new brands. in-house, she educated leaders in the fields of leadership, communication and presentation techniques both in Swedish and English. 

Today she is a very appreciated and coveted keynote speaker. She has been the expert of relationships in After five (Efter fem), one of the most viewed tv-shows in Sweden. 

Annika Telléus is one of Swedens most popular keynote speakers

In both 2019 and 2020, she was voted one of Sweden’s 100 most popular lecturers by Eventeffect.

Popular Keynotes

Unleashing the Power of Listening

Why listening is the key to success. The intention of this keynote is to awaken the knowledge of listening, a knowledge that we all have within. By combining personal stories with insights and practical advice, Annika Telléus provides the audience with tools to solve conflicts - both conflicts one can have with others, but also those ones can have within. Solving these conflicts then helps to create trusting relationships both privately and professionally.

The Listening Leadership

The Listening Leadership provides the right conditions for everyone to become their best selves. The Listening Leadership is about listening to employees and customers but also about listening to oneself. When we listen we get access to more perspectives and can make better decisions.

New Perspectives

Listening is about standing next to the other person and seeing the world from her perspective. thoughtful exercises are mixed with stories and concrete advice on how to do it.

A Collaboration Catalyst

In the harsh and deeply polarized societal climate of today, it's crucial to start small and do all that we can as individuals. For each person who becomes better at listening, both to themselves and to others, our understanding of each other increases, which creates a ripple effect. A ripple effect which leads to the world becoming a better place.

 The results from the Google research project “Aristotle” on how to create perfect teams were published in the New York Times by Charles Duhigg (February 2016). The conclusion of the study suggested that the largest single factor for a team to be high-achieving is that the members experience psychological security, which, according to the project is based on two factors:

  • Everyone is offered the chans to speak
  • Everyone clearly shows that they are willing to listen to each other

The Way to Greater Trust and Better Relationships 

 In a world turned upside down, listening has becomes more important than ever and THE ART OF LISTENING has received a lot of attention. The book has been featured in major newspapers in Sweden and several magazines have recommended it to their readers. The biggest magazine for managers, Chef, recommended THE ART OF LISTENING in its special edition on the subject of leading through a crisis.  THE ART OF LISTENING is one of the books the jury from Sweden’s Human Resources Organization recommended with regard to relevance and use just before the summer of 2020.

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